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This website is an official website of the City District of Bratislava-Stare Mesto.

The city district is one of 17 city districts of Bratislava. It is a legal entity that manages trust property and trust financial means as well as own income and own property in compliance with the conditions stipulated in a special regulation (The Act of the SNC 138/1991 Coll. of Municipality Property as later amended) and the Statute of the Capital City of the Slovak Republic of Bratislava.

The city district of Bratislava-Stare Mesto is established under the Act No. 377/1990 Coll. of the Capital City of the Slovak Republic of Bratislava.

In addition to tasks of self-government the city district also performs some transferred tasks of the state administration. In compliance with Art. 4, clasue1 through 3 of the Act No. 369/1990 Coll. on the Municipality System as later amended and Art. 29 of the Statutes of the Capital City of the Slovak Republic of Bratislava, the city district, in particular:

  • Performs tasks related to a due management and movable and immovable assets of the Capital City entrusted to its management, acquired assets and own assets generated from own business,
  • Composes and approves the budget of the city district and final performance and arranges a public discussion about it,
  • Makes decision about introduction or cancellation of a local public allowance and local charge, determines their requirements and manages them; administers taxes defined in special regulations,
  • Guides economic activity in the city district, issues binding opinions to investments and business start of individuals and legal entities in the city district considering overall city interests, takes a stand to their business plans and issues binding opinions to utilization of local resources,
  • Manages, maintains and constructs local roads of class III and IV (streets, paths, sidewalks, individual bikeways, individual pathways, stairs) including neighboring greening, line of trees and administers and maintains public space,
  • Administers and maintains historical sites and constructions of a local importance managed by the city district, develops, manages and maintains cultural, sports and other facilities that are not determined by the city council under the section (1f) to a competence of the self-government of the Capital City,
  • Provides cleaning of local roads of class III and IV, manages and maintains public green, provides water supply for citizens  of the city district of urban areas in locations that are not connected to the public water pipeline and other public welfare services to be proposed by the city district  and approved by the city council and arranges construction, maintenance and administration of cemeteries,
  • Creates and protects healthy conditions and healthy life and working style of the citizens  of the city district, protects environment and develops conditions for education, culture, hobbies, physical culture and sports,
  • Issues permits to sale and opening hours of shops and services and administers market places,
  • Establishes, founds, cancels and reviews budgetary organizations and state-funded institutions, facilities and other legal entities of the city district in compliance with special bylaws,
  • Organizes voting for the city district citizens on significant issues of the city district life and development, convenes a public gathering of the city district citizens,
  • Defines a structure of its bodies and employs staff members,
  • Arranges local matters of the public order and fire protection in the city district, is responsible for fulfillment of civil protection tasks on the city district territory,
  • Keeps chronicle of the city district,
  • Certifies signatures and documents




The Local Authority of the City District of Bratislava-Staré Mesto


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